La Ceiba Journal

La Ceiba is an online and print journal that publishes original research produced by CSUN undergraduate students on Central America and its peoples.  Recognizing the importance of artistic production,  La Ceiba also publishes undergraduate multimedia […]

A Historical View of the Reasons for Central American Migration

By JOSE L. ARELLANO LA CEIBA Abstract            The purpose of this paper is to analyze the historical reasons for which Salvadorans and Nicaraguans have migrated to the United States and the factors that influence their decision to stay or migrate back home. My research points to the transnational social […]

Editors in Chief

La Ceiba’s editorial board would like to welcome you to this new and exciting project housed under the auspices of the Central American Studies Program (CAS) and supported by CAS’ faculty and students at the California State University, Northridge. La Ceiba is an undergraduate student journal that publishes student works […]

La Ceiba Editorial Board

José Torres, Justine Evans, and Benjamin Bivian, Student Editors in Chief. Jessica Duran, Web Designer. Freya Rojo and Celia Simonds, Managing Editors. Axel Montepeque, Faculty Editor.

The Pipil People of Izalco

By ERIKA NAVARRETE, DAVID GONZALEZ AND JEANNETTE BUENROSTRO LA CEIBA Visual representation of the legend of “Original Sin” from the Myths and Legends of the Pipiles of Izalco

Guatemalan Guerrilleras

By ARIELA TALAVERA LA CEIBA Guatemalan Guerrilleras Every country has their own story and every great nation has its leaders, leaders who have stood up for one reason or another […]

Central American Food Acculturation

By NAOMI OGALDEZ LA CEIBA To Make End’s Meat:  An Analysis of the Food Acculturation Process Amongst Central Americans Even though Central Americans experience socioeconomic disadvantages, they typically are healthier […]